About Mario's Takeaway

A well-established fast-food takeaway, “Mario's”, serves a variety of the tastiest dishes such as juicy Burgers, amazing Fries, soft Kebabs, lip smacking Pizzas, authentic Calzones and Wraps, golden fried fish and chips and many other delicious choices.
Are you celebrating or holding an event and want to have amazing dishes available? Mario's Calder serves great pizzas with a homemade special sauce. Place your order and choose our super-fast home delivery service to have your food on your location in a very short time. Place your order online and get an extra 10% discount.
If you ask any local in Calder Park Rd “where is the great fast-food takeaway near me?” You will hear the name” Mario's fast-food takeaway”.
Life is too short for boring foods, try our Spaghetti Bolognese and experience a sweet trip to Italy!
We are now proudly on the Mealzo portal. Download the Mealzo app to get exclusive discounts on orders over £15.
Our team always prioritise health and hygiene protocols, especially during the Coronavirus restrictions, so please place your orders with peace of mind.
Not only can you order online and pay by cash, but you can also use our secure and trusted PayEat online payment system to pay for your orders.
Based at 8 Calder Park, Edinburgh EH11 4JN.
Come on! Taste the difference, your taste buds will thank you!
If you’re not happy with your order or simply have a question about ordering and need to get in touch, then call us on 0131 467 7711 or 0131 467 7722.



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